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            < Fair Housing and Public Accommodation

            Fair Housing

            LGWM’s L&E Group provides a range of services for property owners and management companies regarding compliance with state and federal housing laws and regulations, including compliance with the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”) and the regulations promulgated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”).  LGWM’s L&E Group has assisted clients with responding to administrative complaints pending before HUD in which claims were asserted for alleged race discrimination, disability discrimination, sex discrimination, retaliation and violations of HUD regulations unrelated to discrimination.  

            LGWM has also defended clients in federal litigation against various claims of discrimination asserted under the FHA.    LGWM is experienced with negotiating settlements with HUD and working with HUD to reach amicable non-monetary remedies.  LGWM has worked alongside the federal government to monitor and report compliance efforts by certain clients.  LGWM also regularly advises clients regarding general policies, tenant issues including accommodation requests, evictions and tenant-on-tenant harassment.  

            LGWM represented multiple property owners and managers with regard claims pursued by the United States Government on behalf of a tenant at an apartment complex subsidized by the Government.  The Government contended that the tenant was discriminated against with regard to her disability and use of a service animal and was sexually harassed by a maintenance worker.   LGWM provided representation throughout extensive negotiations to reach an amicable Consent Decree with the Government.  LGWM also oversaw the Parties’ compliance with the Consent Decree over a three-year period.    

            LGWM represented a real estate management company that provides rental housing to low-income tenants against a lawsuit filed by a former employee under the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”).  The former employee alleged the real estate company wrongfully terminated her in violation of the FHA and in retaliation for her advocating the fair housing rights of tenants.  LGWM assisted the client in obtaining an amicable resolution.

            LGWM represented a property management company with regard to claims of race discrimination made by a tenant who claimed to have been denied an apartment on the basis of her race.  LGWM worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) to clarify the tenant’s misunderstanding of regulations and recertification criteria to reach an amicable and non-monetary resolution.

            LGWM has provided guidance to a property management company regarding claims of harassment asserted by a tenant.  The tenant contended that a co-tenant was harassing him on the basis of his race.  Both tenants had committed misconduct, and LGWM provided assistance to the company in determining whether to evict one or both tenants.

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